Hi, my name is Laura

To ignite a fire inside the loving rebels of this world through connection, movement, compassion and laughter.
I am a researcher, a teacher, a giver and creator and I want to share stories.
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My name is Laura. I am Scottish. I like to laugh. I teach fitness classes and love everything health & fitness related.

I have my own business called Fitness Catwalk and have recently launched my own brand KOLLIDE. Check it out here!

My life right now is based in Sydney and I love it. I spend my time focussing on developing my website and teaching fitness classes like: Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Body Pump and Body Attack. I also like to dress up, go out and drink cocktails.

From seeing & hearing about the effects of different classes on women’s bodies and more importantly their mindset I thought I should share some stories, insights into my perspective of what is going on in the fitness world as well as my thoughts and opinions on trends of the new age females:

Independent, Ambitious, Stylish Superwomen.

I decided to start this blog to share my perspective on all things health, fitness and activewear related….. with a touch of me in it.

I hope you read this and feel something, think something, enjoy or just have a laugh….I am not a great writer so I am completely out of my comfort zone…. they do say that’s were the magic happens, right?



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